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India PROFIBUS & PROFINET protocols are supported by IPA, founded in 2009 as the INDIAN PROFIBUS & PROFINET ASSOCIATION. It works on the commitment to excellence and innovation to bring the world’s leading manufacturers tie up with Indian companies to represent their products and services in India. IPA through its PROFIBUS and PROFINET promotion has been supporting the vision with the best automation technology available. IPA connects Indian industries to the world's most popular fieldbus PROFIBUS, and to the technology-leading Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET. The IPA helps to educate various industries & Institutes through its website, training classes, seminars etc. There are four types of members in the IPA: Device Manufacturers, System Integrators, End Users & Universities where each receives unique benefits.





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Automation 2013 : IPA Planning to Participate in Automstion Expo-2013

IPA Roadshows : IPA has conducted Roadshows at Bangalore and Delhi

IATF Exhibition 2013 : IPA Successfully Participated in IATF Exhibition 2013

Automation 2012 : IPA's proud participation with multiple vendors at Automation Exhibition-2012